Diego Du Charmil

Wednesday 06 November 2019

 Diego Du Charmil

I have been asked by a few people about Saturday’s incident. I am staggered DDC was allowed to keep the race. The stewards are there to concentrate on the facts without emotion or sentiment. For me, this is not about jumping the fence. It is about the horse not keeping a straight line (Not the jockey’s fault) in the closing stages of a race. The facts show the horse, for whatever reason, swerving violently, thereby removing any chance Capeland had of winning. It is my understanding the stewards allowed the result to stand as they felt it was not the jockey’s fault. That is surely the case; however, the final decision should be based on the outcome of the interference. That resulted in any chance of success that a rallying Capeland held, disappearing into the mists of time. In conclusion, would a horse in a Bumper or flat race swerving in that manner be allowed to keep a race. I think not, the horse would be disqualified, with the likelihood of the jockey being exonerated.

Graham Richards

Independent racing journalist

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